dragon’s blood, grape fruit seed extract and cinnamon, oh my!

What on earth could I possibly be talking about right? Well folks, I’m talking about your digestive system here. While I happen to be living in a 3rd world country, I have to admit, it’s a pretty plush life…that is…until you take a little trip. OK, the trip (future blog posting) was pretty plush, however you can’t always expect your food to be entirely safe for your digestive system. Do you get where I am going with this? As a credentialed public health worker, one of the key principle’s you learn is: prevention is key! I have traveled to some pretty remote and according to some, dangerous places on this globe and have never gotten sick. That is, until Latin America. I take full responsibility.

The best preventative measure you can take is washing your hands through out the day, before each meal and first thing when you walk in the door to your abode. The other best thing you can do is use GSE aka, grapefruit seed extract.

This stuff is amazing and kills bacteria like nobody’s business. You can purchase this glorious stuff at almost any health food store. While traveling, take a few drops in the morning and evening with a bit of water. Any questionable foods you may have eaten will no longer be an issue. Wash your veggies with just a few drops in the water and you can be rest assured that most or all of the bacteria is gone. When I recently took a trip through the jungles of Guatemala and Belize one would think that I would naturally bring my GSE right? Wrong! Was it a mistake? YES! Am I suffering? YES!

Two remedies that I have on hand work miracles. Dragon’s Blood (the Chinese herb, Xue Jie) and Cinnamon. If you ever find yourself running to the bathroom often, take cinnamon. It doesn’t matter how. Just take it! I like to have it in a cup of boiled water with a little honey. The results are practically instant!

Last night I took cinnamon and today, I am drinking Dragon’s Blood (Xue Jei). Dragon’s blood is wonderful for digestive problems and topically it can be used as an astringent.

You can buy it in a powder form from any Chinese herb store or acupuncturist. Pour some hot water over it and mix it well. It doesn’t taste too bad either.

So, speaking of all of this digestive stuff…I will be starting a cleanse in the next few days. Very excited about this. More to come!


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One Response to “dragon’s blood, grape fruit seed extract and cinnamon, oh my!”

  1. Amber Says:

    I have that same bottle of GSE in my cabinet, but didn’t know the cinnamon or dragon’s blood tricks. Will remember those!

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