My lovely friend, Annie recently wrote a post on sprouting and inspired me to grow my own. It is so easy! You can sprout just but anything; sunflower seeds, mung beans, lentils…you get the point. But why sprouts? They are the most enzyme rich food on the planet. With out enzymes, the aging of our body accelerates and our body begins to function less properly. Apparently, sprouts have up to 100 times more enzymes than a fruit or vegetable and are full of vitamins. Here are the steps I followed:

Choose your sprout. I decided to sprout mung beans.

Next, rinse.

Soak in water, 8-12 hours.

Using a cheese cloth and mason jar lid, I secured the mung beans. I tilted the jar upside down at an angle and kept it in a darkish corner in our pantry. Each night before I went to bed and each morning when I woke up, I rinsed the seeds. Because I had a mesh lid, I could fill and drain the jar with water. I repeated this exercise twice a day for 3 full days. Here they are! If you look at the above photo, you will see how just a small amount of seeds, filled my jar.

Nothing like waking up with some toast, almond butter, honey and fresh, home-grown sprouts! Enjoy!


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