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It’s a beautiful day!

June 19, 2010

I am failing my blog! It’s a beautiful day today and I am going to go out and enjoy it. This shot was taken earlier, from the porch off my bedroom.  I have a back log of posts and promise to update soon! Until then, go outside and enjoy this beautiful place we call earth!


Nearly raw veggie wraps!

April 19, 2010

As I was thumbing through my favorite blogs today, I came across a fresh veggie wrap. I needed one. I mentally went through my inventory of all the ingredients in my fridge, pantry, nut section and garden, as I was not in the mood to make this complicated by going out to the store. So basically…it was delicious! The entire concept was built around two things: the need to make veggie wrap and papaya. For some reason, papaya became the main ingredient of the wrap. So I began with the sauce:

~smashed walnuts

~minced ginger

~orange rind and juice

~olive oil



Mix it all together!

I had a pot of black beans already prepared and decided they should be in my wrap. Here is what the wrap consisted of:

~Chard for the wrap

~black beans




Wrap your wrap with fennel stems/leaves. Pour the sauce over it and Voila (r)!